Harbour Abstract Agency
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Harbour Abstract Agency, Ltd. Is a full service title company issuing residential and commercial title insurance and property searches throughout New York State. We also handle document filings and other things relating to real estate work. We have closing facilities in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester. We work with any and all attorneys that handle different aspects of the law. Our search is your security.



7102 20th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11204 | T: (347) 554-8400

Right at Home understands that caregiving for a loved one can take its toll on caregivers and it can change family dynamics. We also understand that many people find themselves hundreds or thousands of miles away from a loved one who needs care assistance, which can become highly stressful.

If you think you may need help, let us guide you in the process of getting both you and your loved one the home care assistance you deserve.



Bay Ridge Family Chiropractor – Dr. Vincent Adamo

Dr. Adamo received his Doctorate of Chiropractic from New York Chiropractic College, and is certified in nutrition and spinal correction. He is an advisor for the Wellness Advisory Council for USA Wrestling, USA Weightlifting, USA Karate, He also works with marathoners, ironmen, and UFC fighters.

Dr. Adamo works to reach out to the Brooklyn community and spread the word about the way to achieve true health and vitality. He has worked with several businesses, churches and organizations in the area to set up wellness programs and presentations.

He is passionate about spreading true health without the use of drugs, surgery, or other toxic approaches. Through workshops, newsletters, and other events, Dr. Adamo provides the resources necessary for people to take control of their health through nutrition, fitness, mindset, lifestyle, and chiropractic care. At Live Holistic, He focuses on eliminating interference with every individual’s internal healing power, so that each person may live a life free from sickness, pain and disease.



Northfield Bank

As we celebrates our 125th anniversary, Northfield Bank remains dedicated to bringing a rare mix of exceptional service, innovative products, experienced employees, and community involvement to our customers and the community. With five Brooklyn offices located in Bay Ridge, Highlawn, Dyker Heights, Gravesend and Boro Park, Northfield is committed to making our neighborhoods a better place to live and work. For more information about Northfield Bank, visit www.eNorthfield.com.


Friends Of Senator Marty Golden

(718) 238-6044

Senator Marty Golden has established himself as one of the most influential lawmakers in the City and State of New York. Senator Golden has authored over 222 laws most notably in the areas of public safety, tax cuts, economic development, and senior citizen issues.

Marty Golden is a retired New York City Police Officer who received numerous awards during his ten years with the Police Department. Marty was forced to retire in 1983, after suffering a serious injury while making a narcotics arrest.


T: 347.291.7479

PESID was founded by Fisher, who is also president of Golden Maturity, Inc., a few years ago, bringing together professionals with experience and expertise in every aspect of senior help and empowerment. Leaders in those various professions wrote a book, “Seniors, Put Your Ducks in A Row: Protect Your Nest – Based on True Stories.” To be published this fall.



Fillmore Real Estate

7913 5th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11209 | T: (718) 748-3331

Fillmore Real Estate has been serving Brooklyn for over 50 years. Since 1966, we’ve become Brooklyn’s largest privately owned and operated real estate company. Our great success is a direct result of our dedication to excellence and our commitment to the people we serve.




Movers, Not Shakers!

131 3rd Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231 | T: (718) 243-0221

Movers, Not Shakers! has been helping people relocate into, out of, and around New York City since 2002. Our business has grown every single year. We love working for our clientele and, make no mistake, the primary driver of our growth is the word of mouth we enjoy as our customers pass our name along to their friends and family.

We charge a flat fee because we understand in New York time itself has a value like nowhere else. If we finish a move ahead of schedule, we both win.

In December of 2007, we issued a press release announcing our GREEN initiatives. They were 1. Biodiesel 2. GothamBoxes™ (reusable bins we clean, deliver, and pick up from you) and 3. Carbon Offset (We are contributors to NYC’s parks and Green Spaces).

If you haven’t tried them you owe it to yourself to try our GothamBox™ method for moving. Call us and we will help you determine how many you need. Then, approximately one week before your move, we will drop off the GothamBoxes™ to your door. They arrive clean with a fresh piece of blue painter’s tape on each one for easy labeling. Imagine packing in a bin with a hinged lid that requires NO TAPE TO MAKE A BOX. Easy, right? On move day we wrap your furniture and move the bins. Give us a call and about a week after the move, we come and pick up the empty unpacked bins. Congratulations – you have just moved and saved anywhere from 25 – 200 lbs of cardboard, not to mention the tape.

We are the first licensed moving company in New York to use bins instead of boxes for residential moving. We are one of the few to be using Biodiesel in our regular trucks. At the end of the month we may need to rent a truck or two to handle demand, and they may not be running on Biodiesel, but the intention is there.

We pay our people a living wage. That means you get a better class of mover, and we all get to enjoy the benefits of contributing to the upward mobility of all our citizens.

After 10 years serving New York, we have what it takes to move you locally or long distance. Give us a try: fill out the form on our site, or just call us. When it comes to moving, Movers, Not Shakers! is the new industry standard.


signature auto group

9265 4th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209 | T: 718-772-0099

As a company we learned a long time ago just how significant it is to have talented, loyal and motivated staff to serve our clients in every aspect; before, during and of course even after such an important vehicle purchase. Even though this will always be an ongoing process, this organization has been fortunate to have attracted and retain such extraordinary individuals at every single level in this company.

We are honored to serve all Signature Auto Group clients past, present and future clients in the major areas of the United States and around the rest of the world. Signature wants their customers to enjoy life to its fullest. We also have high standards that the staff agrees with and are committed to providing you with the service you deserve. The sales staff is extremely knowledgeable about our products and is there to get you the fantastic vehicle that you want and desire. Come on in and check out our extensive inventory that includes all the latest makes and models of vehicles. It doesn’t matter whether you are wanting to purchase or lease; we have the perfect plan for you. And don’t forget to check out our specials, we are always having great lease specials on a lot of the new vehicles in stock.



Aidala Bertuna & Kamins

8118 13th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11228 | T: 800.410.4804

At Aidala Bertuna & Kamins PC, we are known for rising to meet the challenge of helping clients get through troubled times. In all of our practice areas, we have attorneys who are deeply focused on the subject matter and on serving clients effectively with their cutting-edge knowledge. Call us at 917-200-0269 or 800-410-4804 to find out more specifically about how we can help.

Criminal defense is the area where our firm first made its reputation. For several years, Arthur Aidala, Marianne Bertuna and Michael Jaccarino have made up one of the best-known criminal defense teams in the New York metropolitan area. Our lawyers defend individuals charged with federal and state offenses, ranging from crimes of violence to white collar and Internet-based crimes.




8704 Third Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11209 | T: (718)-748-1800

We at Jabour Realty Company are dedicated to providing our customers the finest service available. Our professional staff is trained to assist you in every aspect of your real estate needs

Jabour Realty Company, Inc., is an independent and very active Real Estate office, located on 3rd Avenue in the heart of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Jabour Realty Company has been providing our services to the community for the past twenty years.

We are a firm of knowledgeable, professional salespersons and Realtors® who have built up a solid reputation in the neighborhood. We at Jabour Realty Company are dedicated to offering our customers the finest service available. Our professional staff is trained to assist you in every aspect of your real estate needs.